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Review: Aelter – Dusk Dawn & Follow You Beloved by Jayson
December 27, 2011, 10:56 am
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Aelter Dusk Dawn album cover

Aelter is a project from Wolvserpent guitarist Blake Green.

So after reading the promotional copy and listening to both of these albums, I am going to lead in by apologizing to Blake. I don’t read sinister out of these albums. That is just me, but I feel like I have to apologize anyway. Aelter doesn’t tread into territory that I want to stay away from. I will buy and use adjectives like “bleak” “dark” and “beautiful.” In terms of a space created by the sound, something about the way I’m wired makes me want to move into the sound, not away from it.

Dark I’ll buy though, completely. The layered, nuanced approach – quiet guitars, languid vocals (absent on the earlier Dusk Dawn) – give Aelter a processional, almost funereal feel. That and what I think Aelter is most evocative of is the winter light of your northern climes. When Bob Mould sang about seeing nothing but gray he nailed the description, but not the feeling. Aelter nails the feeling. Dead on. I guess that’s where the lack of perception of sinister comes from. The most on both Dusk Dawn & For You Beloved really seems post-discomfort and into a place where having accepted the bleak and the dark, you find yourself able to see the beauty in both. Make no mistake, this is beautiful music.

Available on Crucial Blast

– Jayson

Friday. by Jayson
September 24, 2010, 11:57 am
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Good morning.

We’ve got new Soul Khan! His album is going to be out in early November as a free download, but we’ve got a sneak preview right now.

Soul Khan – Suck My Dick

Wolvspent are going to be starting their national tour in a few days and Blood Seed is now Streaming on 20 Buck Spin. Check it out here.

Batillus and Kowloon Walled City are touring the east coast. I can’t go to this and may cry. If anyone can snag me a tour poster I’d be extremely grateful. They’re even playing with Thou in Baton Rogue. Can you imagine how good that show will be? I think I will cry.

Cleveland Ohio metal stalwarts Forged in Flame have a split 7″ out. I blanked on this when it was released in April, but I found out they still have them and I ordered one. Going to see those guys open for Skeletonwitch in Nov. That will be a rad show.  Pat Finnegan’s album art for that is the shit. Get yourself a copy over at their merch store or risk ruining your life.

Stuff keeps happening in the greater world of metal that I fail to care about. Music is crazy, bands start up. There are some albums that I passed by this year that I still want to check out… crying over the Batillus/KWC tour… Yeah, that’s about it for this week. I’ll come back and edit this if I have any stunning insights.

– Jayson

Review: Wolvserpent – Blood Seed by Jayson
September 23, 2010, 12:19 pm
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Brutal ambient doom metal. That’s how I’d describe the new Wolvserpent. Formerly know as Pussy Gutt, this two person band has been out there touring, building a name for themselves and unfortunately flying completely under my radar until now.

Wolvserpent manage to combine gothic atmosphere, brutal ambient menace and crushing doom riffing in a seamless experience. In the course of two songs averaging about 20 minutes Blood Seed these transitions sound logical. It’s impressive, because so much goth-metal willingly devolves into cliché. Wolvserpent’s sound is devoid of pretense, it’s going to creep you out then crush you in equal measure.

Blood Seed is available in LP format as limited pressing of 5oo on 20 Buck Spin or as a download on iTunes.

– Jayson