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Review:Tours- Stay by jason
January 5, 2012, 10:24 am
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Tours-Stay EP
Tours-Stay EP. Bobby Cahn Records, 2011.

You may remember me going on about TUMBLEwoof, the mash-up producer behind the brillians Phoenix & Lil Wayne EP. Well, Dylan Sieh, the man behind TUMBLEwoof, is back with a new project: Tours.

Tours’ EP, Stay is a dreamy little electronic album. That’s really the best adjective for it: dreamy. You’re not going to get up and dance to this stuff, but you might sway in your seat with your eyes half open. And that’s not to say that Stay is boring because it’s not at all. There are layers of sound washing in and out like the tide. For electronic music, it has a real warmth, a natural rhythm that’s soothing rather than jarring.

What I think is most striking is that on my first listen, I could hear that this was TUMBLEwoof. Even though Phoenix & Lil Wayne was a derived work made from the music of others, this sounds like it was made by the same guy. Considering he’s putting this stuff together presumably on his home computer, that’s impressive.

Stay is available on Tours’ Bandcamp page for a dollar (or more if you really like it).

Top Ten Albums of 2011-jason’s List by jason

Usually, I don’t do an actual Top Ten list; I do an “Albums that exceeded/met/failed to meet my expectations” list. This year, however, I heard a lot of bands for the first time, so I really went through the year without expectations (for the most part). I guess I have to do a top ten list for 2011.

OK. These albums are in random order, though the last five will be my absolute favorites for the year.

Tyler the Creator-Goblin

This one would probably be on my top 5 list if it wasn’t so misogynistic. I listened to Goblin about 20 times since I got it a couple of months ago, and I hear new things in it each time. Say what you want about this dude, but Tyler knows how to craft lyrics with layers of meaning, and his idea of a three-album concept where a man goes insane while talking to his therapist (who may actually be one of his split personalities) is awesome and well-executed.

10. Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling 2
Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling-Questions are a Burden to Others
Speaking of concepts, Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling’s second The Prisoner inspired EP is every bit as good as the first. In fact, everything Michael J. Epstein touches is fantastic, which is why two of the bands he’s affiliated with make my list this year, but more on that later.

9.Tumblewoof Phoenix Lil Wayne
Tumblewoof-Phoenix & Lil’ Wayne
TUMBLEwoof’s mash-up of Lil’ Wayne & Phoenix is pretty rad. It’s made Mash-up Monday more than a couple of times. I can’t wait to see what this guy’s doing next.

AC Deathstrike-Winter in Russia
This one might have actually ranked in my top five, but I feel like it was too new for me to make that judgement. But it’s a brilliant twee-rock album that pretty much sounds like the inside of my head does. And the frontman, Alex Dougherty, is pretty rad, too.

7. Eastern Phoebes Eggplant

Eastern Phoebes-Eggplant
Eggplant is another one I almost feel is too new to go on my list, but I love Eastern Phoebes, and I really think that this album is the most coherent work they’ve done. It’s going to be on my walkman well into 2012.

Dino DNA-Dino DNA
Dino DNA. They are rad. Go listen to them.

And now, my top five favorite albums, in order.

Nick Jaina-The Beanstalks That Have Brought Us Here Are Gone
Back in July, I said that this album was going to be on my top ten of the year list. In fact, in the press release that is sent out for this album, I’m quoted saying that, so I’d better put this on here so I’m not a liar.

Just kidding. The Beanstalks That Have Brought Us Here Are Gone would be on this list whether I had made that proclaimation or not. Jaina brings an all-star cast of female singers to bring his songs to life, and the whole thing really gels together as an album, despite the multiple singers. Great stuff.

4. Songs for Boats Talons'
Talons’-Songs For Boats
I waited for almost 2 years for Talons’ Songs for Boats, and it was worth the wait. I mean, it’s a soft-folk album about two lovers wandering an apocalyptic landscape. What’s not to love?

3. Michael J. Epstein Memorial Library
The Michael J. Epstein Memorial Library-Volume 1

This is the second Michael J. Epstein project on my list. I described it as ” Magnetic Fields meets Peter, Paul, and Mary,” and in retrospect, that’s still accurate. Twee-folk-chamber-pop FTW!, Or, as Epstein would say, “!!!”

2.Soul Khan Soul Like Khan: Starve the Ego, Feed the Soul
Soul Khan-Soul Like Khan: Starve the Ego, Feed the Soul
A bunch of mash-up artists like Frail Limb Purity, DJ Schmolli, and DJ Lobsterdust took one of the best albums of 2010 and made it one of the best albums of 2011. FACT. Some of the tracks have replaced the originals as “the version i think of” when I think of Khan’s music. Khan released a few EPs this year, but this was my favorite thing he was connected to this year.

The Mountain Goats- All Eternals Deck
The last two years, The Mountain Goats have either met or failed to meet my expectations. Both Heretic Pride and The Life of the World to Come were dissapointing when compared to what John Darnielle had done before. that’s what I was so excited when I realized that this year’s All Eternals Deck was a frickin’ great album. It totally exceeded my expectations, and I expect a lot from them. The Mountain Goats are finally back to form, God’s in his Heaven, and all’s right with the world. I got to see them when they toured to support this album, and it was a great show. JD’s still got it, folks!

And that’s my top ten list. Do you disagree with any of the choices? Do you agree? Do you wish I had mentioned a different album? Let me know in the comment thingie below, and we can have a music snob ragefest civil discussion about it.


Mash-up Monday: Peter Bjorn & John vs. the Digital Underground- “Young Folks x Kiss You Back” (Tumblewoof by jason
November 14, 2011, 1:46 pm
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This mash-up of Peter Bjorn & John vs. The Digital Underground was put together by Tumblewoof, who you may remember from his album of Phoenix vs. Lil Wayne mash-ups. It’s simple, but good.

In Defense(?) of the Hip-hop/Rock Mash-up by jason
September 9, 2011, 10:27 am
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Part 3: Walk This Way

The following Dialogue, attributed to Plato, is the only remaining document that tells us what Socrates’ view of Mash-ups was-Eds. Note

Alcibiades: I have finally come to terms with my love of both Hip-hop and Rock music.

Socrates: This is good, for now you know thyself as we all know you. Your love of this music has never been in doubt, only that you made it so.

Alcibiades: Agreed. However, there is still one thing that bothers me. In the forum, I have noticed that many so-called “artists” have taken the work of hip-hop artists and blended them with that of the rock musicians. This troubles me.

Socrates: And how does this, young Alcibiades, bother you?

Alcibiades: It would seem that these artists are only taking the work of others and calling it their own. This is plagiarism.

Socrates: Indeed, the taking of someone else’s work is plagiarism, and is the worst kind of offense. And this is what these men and women are doing?

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Mash-up Monday: the XX vs. Drake- “Intro and Over by jason
August 29, 2011, 11:22 am
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Tumblewoof, who made that awesome Lil’ Wayne vs. Phoenix mash-up EP, is still doing his thing. Here, he’s taken Drake and the XX and made something worth your time.

Mash-up Monday: Childish Gambino- “Let Me Dope You” (Tumblewoof Remix) by jason
April 18, 2011, 10:00 am
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A few weeks ago, we told you about Tumblewoof’s Phoenix vs. Lil’ Wayne mash-up album. Well, that’s not all he’s done. Here’s his remix of Childish Gambino’s “Let Me Dope You,” which is pretty great.

Review: Tumblewoof- Phoenix & Lil’ Wayne by jason
March 30, 2011, 10:00 am
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Tumblewoof-Phoenix & Lil’ Wayne. Unsigned, 2011.

I have often wondered why there aren’t more mash-ups featuring the music of Phoenix. They have a very energetic, bouncy sound that is hard not to dance to, especially in songs like “Lasso,” “1901,” and “Lisztomania,” the latter so catchy that I’ve noticed a certain car commercial basically ripping it off recently.

Tumblewoof must agree that Phoenix is mashable, because he’s paired up the French indie rockers with rapper Lil’ Wayne. This combination doesn’t sound at first like it would work; rap vs. rock mash-ups work so well because of the inherent tonelessness of most hip-hop. Lil’ Wayne sings more than he raps.

However, this mash-up EP is perfect. Tumblewoof doesn’t just take to songs and put them together. He completely remixes the components, folding them back on each other. The individual pieces are hardly unrecognizable, but they feel new.

So what Tumblewoof, a DJ I hadn’t even heard of until last week, has done is a great thing in his first EP. He manages make mash-ups worthy of the likes of Max Tannone and Tom Caruana. Tumblewoof takes Phoenix’s most famous songs and divorces them from their original context, combining them with Lil’ Wayne’s sometimes ridiculous braggadocio. The DJ even makes Weezy’s “Mrs. Officer” sound less like a parody of R&B.

I’d point out the highlights of this EP, but with only 5 songs, the whole thing is a highlight. “Stuntin’ Like 1901” is probably my favorite track here, but they are all damn good. Tumblewoof’s Bandcamp account will no longer let him give this away from free, but he offers a link to get it for free on his site.


Mash-up Monday: Phoenix vs. Lil’ Wayne- “Fencer” by jason
March 21, 2011, 10:00 am
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Apparently, Tumblewoof has put together a mash-up EP of Lil’ Wayne and Phoenix. This track, “Fencer,” is both mellow and danceable. It’s a strange combination, but it works. You can download the EP for free HERE, so do that. Now.