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Review: Toomorrow – Wagon Christ by ymatto
April 12, 2011, 10:13 am
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Wagon Christ - Toomorrow

Warm wax. Sweet business. Tough bass. Heavy breaks.

So says a Speak’n’Spell MC on Luke Vibert’s seventh album under his Wagon Christ moniker.  If you know Wagon Christ, you will buy Toomorrow immediately.  If you don’t and you enjoy what the Speak’n’Spell describes, you should buy this and at least a few of the previous six.  It is this simple.

Back when I reviewed the last Autechre album, I mentioned that it was like they combined everything they’d learned in their many previous albums.  Luke Vibert does that with basically every Wagon Christ album, even pulling in elements here and there from his more acid-focused or, um, hawaiian-focused (I love Stop the Panic) albums under his own name.  The samples, the breaks, the grooves, the goofy sense of humor; it’s all in there, building on itself record after record.  Always maintaining a groove in weird and wonderful ways.

A new Wagon Christ album is like a meal at your favorite little chef-run restaurant.  Chef Vibert seeks out only the funkiest ingredients and brings them to your (turn)table to create something consistently satisfying.  You may enjoy meals more experimental, more indulgent, or more finely wrought, but you’ll always go back to your favorite.  And Chef Vibert will always be doing something a little bit new for you.

Available everywhere, pretty well.

– Matt