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An Open Letter to 2011 by jason

Dear 2011,

You know what? You weren’t half bad. I often look at each new year as a chance for things to get better, but as far as years have gone, you were fairly decent. I mean, sure, we lost some musicians like Amy Winehouse, Heavy D, Warren G, but you know what? To quote a British Sit Com: “Death isn’t the handicap it used to be.” Just ask Tupac and Elliott Smith.

We also had some bland pop music, like that one song with the autotuned guy bragging about his car and asking a girl to come back to his place. You know the one I’m talking about, right? But every year has bland pop music.

However, we had some really good music, too, as my top 10 list and Jayson’s top best of list will attest. And even the bad music, such as Loutallica’s Lola, was entertainingly bad. “Hallucinaaaaaaation! Hallucinaaaaaaaation! I thought you were listening!” Heh.

And in 2012, we’re planning on moving the site over to a different server, getting another writer or two, and generally shaking things up at both To Eleven North and To Eleven South. This all means that we may look back at 2011 as “The year before shit got all fucked up.” That is, unless the 2012 apocalypse is the real one and we die before John Cusack can save us. Or, you know, if SOPA passes. Or that kid in North Korea launches nukes.

Damn. 2012 is looking worse and worse, isn’t it.

It is with this in mind that I say, “Don’t leave us, 2011.”

When the ball drops in Times Square, I sincerely hope the numbers light up to say “2011” again. We could really stand to have another one of you.

So stay if you will, but go if you must, and know that you were a good year.

To Eleven

Playing catch up and moving forward. by Jayson
December 21, 2011, 11:21 am
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I hate when this happens. I hated it last year too. Ok, so now I am back in action but there is a backlog of stuff that is staring me in the face and demanding attention. I am tempted to do pellet reviews, but that is not fair to anyone who sent me their music in good faith that I’d take the time with it.

Here is a thing:

Heinali and Matt Finney covered a Loutallica song and basically completely redeemed the project. I kind have this pet hypothesis that some stuff only exists so it can be covered by someone else down the line. So yeah, Loutallica existed so these guys could come along and do this.

Also, there is such as a new Soul Khan video:

Some blog news:

We’re hoping to have Matt back writing with us sometime in Feb-March of 2012.

We’re also still looking for another contributor or contributors. We’re also going to totally destroy ourselves at some point too. At least that is what I think will probably happen. What the plan is, is to migrate from our current setup to a install. Price wise, it’ll work out better for us than paying WordPress for all the assorted bells & whistles. We’ll be able to go back to hosting audio and can make some much-needed tweaks to our theme. We may take a stab at making some money for ourselves off of the site here too, I figure we can do $4 a month easy. The move will probably screw some stuff up, but hopefully not too much or for too long. Target date for this is beginning in mid-Jan with hopefully a week or two at the most of  downtime. In the end though, we should be better than ever going into our 3rd year doing this.

– Jayson