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Review: Aelter – Dusk Dawn & Follow You Beloved by Jayson
December 27, 2011, 10:56 am
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Aelter Dusk Dawn album cover

Aelter is a project from Wolvserpent guitarist Blake Green.

So after reading the promotional copy and listening to both of these albums, I am going to lead in by apologizing to Blake. I don’t read sinister out of these albums. That is just me, but I feel like I have to apologize anyway. Aelter doesn’t tread into territory that I want to stay away from. I will buy and use adjectives like “bleak” “dark” and “beautiful.” In terms of a space created by the sound, something about the way I’m wired makes me want to move into the sound, not away from it.

Dark I’ll buy though, completely. The layered, nuanced approach – quiet guitars, languid vocals (absent on the earlier Dusk Dawn) – give Aelter a processional, almost funereal feel. That and what I think Aelter is most evocative of is the winter light of your northern climes. When Bob Mould sang about seeing nothing but gray he nailed the description, but not the feeling. Aelter nails the feeling. Dead on. I guess that’s where the lack of perception of sinister comes from. The most on both Dusk Dawn & For You Beloved really seems post-discomfort and into a place where having accepted the bleak and the dark, you find yourself able to see the beauty in both. Make no mistake, this is beautiful music.

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– Jayson

Review: Nekrasov – The Ever Present by Jayson
November 30, 2011, 10:44 am
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I had a bad day once too.

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– Jayson

Review: Demonologists – Miscarriage of the Soul by Jayson
March 8, 2011, 9:54 am
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You know that band Extreme Noise Terror? Not to knock those guys, but I’ve honestly never quite felt they lived up to their name. If Demonologists wanted to call themselves Extreme Noise Terror, it’d be fitting.

This is the most extreme album I’ve reviewed since Eleh’s Location Momentum, even if it only bears a superficial comparison. The “black noise” label this project has been described with describes their sound in a nutshell. It’s a roar of static, like hurricane force winds. Here and there it sounds like something might be trying to come through the noise, and there are periodic interludes of dark ambient sound. They’re really shooting for a “this is the sound of the end of the world” and this very well could be it. The one thing about this one for me personally, as raw and evil as it sounds, it still ambient. There’s nothing to focus on, it’s almost meditative after a point. This is especially true for my review, since I don’t have the chapbook filled with evil imagery that accompanies the commercial release. Even though its brutal ambient, it’s still easily divorced of context. Maybe this is the most pure transcendental black metal ever made.

I recommend this with all the usual caveats that come with reviewing this kind of music.

The Blood of Black Wolves

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