to eleven


… To Eleven is a music blog written by three men with roughly the same name who love music, just almost none of the same music.

jason is a writer. He lives in the ghetto. He enjoys The Mountain Goats, surf, twee and a lot of indie rock crap.

Jayson is a commercial artist. He lives in the woods. He enjoys metal, alt country, Kool Keith and a lot of noisy crap.

Matt is a man of science. He travels the globe, leaving destruction in his wake. He enjoys electronic music, the phattest of beats and the occasional Clutch jam.

We are named what we’re named because we really wanted to start this and couldn’t think of anything better.

If it seems like we mostly like everything we review, it’s because we choose to review everything we mostly like.

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Stoked you dug Antietam 1862 🙂 I work with another band, Wolvhammer, that you might like too; they’re not Southern, but Midwestern black metal is almost as funny an idea (they’re grim’n’frostbitten, donchaknow?). Check ’em out and let me know if you’d like to check out their latest rekkid.

Comment by Kim Kelly

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