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Review: Eastern Phoebes-Eggplant by jason
December 7, 2011, 11:00 am
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Eastern Phoebes Eggplant
Eastern Phoebes-Eggplant Self-released, 2011.

Eastern Phoebes has had a pretty prolific year. Early in the year, they released Wampum, and later in the year, they recorded Gypsy Paw. Well, last month, they released Eggplant.

I have to imagine that all these guys do is record music. I’m not sure how they can survive without “day jobs” because they give their music away for free, but I also can’t imagine them keeping up this pace while holding down jobs. Eggplant is an EP, but at 7 tracks, it’s a longish one, and just as their other releases, nothing here sounds like a throw away.

The only problem here is that, in reviewing three of their albums in a year, I am running out of adjectives to describe them. They have evolved a as a band, but they are, essentially the same band (though looking at my previous reviews, it seems they’ve gone from a duo to a quartet). They have a twee-yet-not-camber-pop sound, and they seem to exist in a separate time period; this album is less “old-timey” than Wampum, but perhaps more late 60s, early seventies than the other releases.

I think this is a concept album. Many of the songs, such as “Greenland,” “Stay Together Learn The Flowers Go Light,” and “Strait of Magellan,” are all about locations, and many of the songs seem to evoke traveling, perhaps by sea. The only song that doesn’t seem to fit the concept is the cover of the Beach Boys’ “Johnny Carson,” but it doesn’t feel out of place.

Overall, Eggplant is a breezy little record by a band that seems to do nothing but churn out breezy little records. You can download Eggplant, along with the rest of Eastern Phoebes’ discography FOR FREE ON THEIR BANDCAMP SITE. And downloading it is the only way you get to hear “Johnny Carson,” so do do it already.



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