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Review: Berth Control-Only Songs by jason
November 24, 2011, 9:00 am
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Berth Control-Only Songs. 2011.

If you follow our Facebook page (which you should), you probably saw us plug the Kickstarter page for Berth Control’s upcoming tour. You also saw us mention that we’ve featured band member Cat Rockefeller on one installment of Any Asshole. Well, Cat, along with fellow band mate Brent “strictly beats” Cole (formerly of Moldy Peaches) released an EP last month called Only Songs, and it’s pretty damn good.

What probably strikes me the most about the EP is that sonically, it’s a pretty happy album…kind of a melodic indie pop thing going on. The lyrics, however, range from slightly frustrated at the singers’ love-lives , as on “Girls from the city,” to resigned to their deaths-in-obscurity, as on “City Don’t Care.” This is A Thing That I Like(TM), where the music doesn’t match up with what’s actually being said. It’s part of what attracts me to The Mountain Goats, and it’s what I like about Only Songs.

At four songs, it seems a little short, but that’s probably the only complaint I have about this, and really, that’s more of a compliment than anything. Berth Control’s back catalog is also available online, so I’ll have to check that out the next chance I get.

Only Songs is available on the band’s Bandcamp Page, as are their other releases.


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