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Reissues by Jayson

I’m pretty much against reissues. The exception being if there is a new music on the reissue, which is frequently not the case. This week I was kinda sad to find out that I am still a mark. I say this because there are two reissues out that I was really close to buying, and still haven’t entirely walked away from.

The first is the Walkmen’s first album Everyone Who Pretended To Like Me Is Gone, which is out on a 180g vinyl edition of 1000. That is kind of the issue for me. I like records, but they’re not they thing they are to me that they become to serious collectors. However limited edition pushes some very weird and deep seated desire to own the what-have-you in question. I also think it’s really the band. The Walkmen are one of my favorites, all time. I’ve said You & Me is my top 10 of all time. They’re one of those bands whose music ended up being a really accurate map of a constituent part of my psyche. So with those two things I’m really like, restraining myself from buying it, because really… like what am I going to do with this? Play it and tell myself it sounds better than CD? Feel like I’m genuinely participating in the band’s 10th anniversary on a level greater than making a mere purchase? But am I really showing my love because that’s how you show your love to a band, by giving them money? I want them to keep making music and stuff…

The other album that is an object of contention is this Old Man Gloom Christmas Eve I & II + 6 + Live in NYC.

What’s worse here is that the OMG dudes and Hydrahead basically know they’re selling a false premise, to wit:

So, Old Man Gloom is milking old material for another “new” release, that’s what you’re thinking right? And you’re also wondering why you should shell out a portion of your not-so-hard earned cash in exchange for an item manufactured with the sole intent of making more money for an already wealthy group of individuals, yes?

To which the answer is the Old Man Gloom is better than anything out anyway and you should get this record, which is also an official RECORD STORE DAY release. Which I am already scheming to get a hold of despite the fact that I have ripped Record Store Day for being just a thing to peddle a bunch of reissues that are just going to get hawked on ebay the day after they’re purchased. Again though, love for OMG is strong, they’re the topography of my inner turmoil in audio format, or something. Also I am apparently a bigger mark that I previously thought.

Two records I already own, won’t listen to, but really want anyway. That is sad.

– Jayson



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