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Review: Flaming Lips – 7 Skies H3 by Jayson
November 1, 2011, 10:00 am
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Jason is the Flaming Lips fan, but I’ve taken it on myself to review this because it is more my basic deal. Weird music that is.

10 minutes in. Remember when the Flaming Lips were cool? I do. Way way way back in high school they did stuff like that video with all the Christmas lights. That was cool. So 10 minutes into this, I checked out the Wikipedia entry for LSD to see what the negative effects were. Nowhere did I see “doing so much that you become really, really boring and think everything you do is a good idea.”

Matt calls it the Anti-Philip K. Dick Effect.

It’s a shame, because they really seem to be suffering from it. What is sadder still is that I’m seeing on the World Wide Web that Flaming Lips fans, much like Metallica fans have crossed into that sad space on the map where you like the band so much you’ve convinced  yourself completely their shit doesn’t stink. I don’t know what to say, I’ve been down that road myself with the Melvins and there is a nothing there except the accumulation of a shitload of records and assorted tchockies that you’ll buy and never ever listen to or do anything with.

Actually, I’m not super worried there, because getting the skull up there will set you back 5 grand. (Admittedly, the phrase “a hard drive embedded in a real human skull” is kinda cool.) Which kinda leads me to wonder if this is some kind of meta commentary by the band about what they’ve become or could become or about music fans unquestioning loyalty or is this just basically what happens when you have some success and money but your thought processes are stuck at ‘what if there’s a universe inside my fingernail, maaaaan?’

Ok, 30 minutes in. It’s basically been doing the same thing. It’s like the song wants to be totally epic and majestic, but just manages to be loud and annoying. I find it difficult to imagine this going anywhere I want to be.

40 minutes in: it’s different now. Checking to see if I didn’t hit play on either VLC or Zune. Nope, this is it. This is more better, but I am still not super into it. I would be enjoying it if it was just the guitar at this point.

50 minutes maybe? I dunno, I’ve paused it a few times. What’s going on now really isn’t bad. Right now I’m trying to figure out if I like enough to backpedal on my earlier comments. Not quite there. I wonder if I could make any money bootlegging the hard copy…

Hour and 10 in. This is kinda nice right now. Part of me is just tempted to stop listening here and remember it on a high note.

0:1:14? ohshitvocals! Well, I guess there were vocals the whole time. Singing with like, words and stuff is now happening.

0:1:25 spaaaaaaaaace rooooooooooooock

2 hours? I guess. Bored again, not sure if I want to listen to anymore now.

It’s some over two hours now, I’ve totally lost track. This kinda does it to you.

Call it 0:2:30? I think it’s changing again.

Ok, not really, it was a trick I guess.

I am totally doing other stuff while I listen to this.

What’s sad is that I am such a total sucker for gimmicks and limited editions I’d have bought this if it was like $50.

0:2:45 f it.

So I read an interview with Wayne about all the stuff they’re doing. This thing just seems to be a product of a sort of indulgent indifference. Seems like the thought processes went like ‘Whoa! A place that sells real skulls! We should do something with those! We could like… get some and put some music in them and make these sweet art objects!’ Aaaaaand that’s it. This is just that thing where like… they’ve gotten to this point where they can just do stuff, a lot like Insane Clown Posse, really. What bothers me is that it’s neither fun and entertaining or profound and meaningful. Or maybe it is? Where is my credibility on this? I still have 20:00:15 to go. Will I get anything out of the rest of it? I want to say the question itself is an indictment. Like, if I was into it, I’d be into it. If I’m asking myself about that, then I’m not into it and the music ain’t doing it’s job. Right?


As a butthurt reader correctly pointed out, this album is about something after all. Thanks, Tim. I belittled them, as is my right and duty as a blogger. To be honest I feel like this is a bit of a journalism fail. In the interest of fairness to myself, I did really try to find actual information as to whether this was about anything or not. Every other outlet media outlet (being the first page of a Google search) was covering this on the basis of “hey, the Flaming Lips 24 hour song is out today.” During the interview I found, when Wayne was asked specifically “What is this project about?” He spoke exactly as I represented him in the preceding paragraph; as a dude more interested in creating a novelty art object than explaining the deep, serious and profound meaning this is supposed to convey. He then went on to talk about how many calories were in the gummy skull they put out and how the band is going to release another USB album in a in gummy vagina, where the owner will have to reach inside to get the drive. I will buy that if it is in the neighborhood of $50. Basically though, I think while I missed a core fact here, it doesn’t even remotely change my thesis.

– Jayson


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The music is a conceptual art piece representing an inner sadness we live with every day (when something traumatic happens to us, such as this piece: a man’s girlfriend has committed suicide) and continues each day for the rest of our lives (this song loops in real-time). Hence the real human skulls with this music inside of it’s head.


Comment by WoineCaine91

not sure if srs.

Comment by Jayson

Wayne Coyne recent interview:

“It’s about — I’m not at liberty to say actually who it’s about — but it’s about a guy whose girlfriend has committed suicide,” Coyne says. “[It’s a] very sad, long, sound poem, about this process that this guy is going through in mourning and in remembering and in trying to fall out of love with this person he was in love with. So it’s intense. It’s not like the 6-hour song, which is very playful. This one is powerful and sad and weird and it’s disturbing and it’s abstract. It’s long [laughs].”

Comment by WoineCaine91


Comment by Jayson

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