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Review: Garrett Pierce-Everybody Breaks by jason
October 27, 2011, 9:00 am
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Garrett Pierce-Everybody Breaks. Narnack Records, 2011.

Garrett Pierce’s Everybody Breaks EP is exactly the type of the type of thing I like. Pierce isn’t afraid to mix his pop with a little folk, and he does so without losing the folk flavor. The title track could easily be an Elvis Perkins song, with its sing-songy melody and it’s sad-yet-hopeful lyrics. Pierce confesses and repents past transgressions to his lover, telling us “…every night laid out before me/ every time I’ve made someone cry/ flashed in my mind,” and forgiving himself by realizing that “everybody Breaks without knowing quite why.” It’s a sentiment that could have easily have come off as trite, but Pierce knows when to pull back and let the listener fill in the gaps. He’s not preachy, just reassuring.

“A Bus in Africa” has a darker, bluesy edge as the narrator rides though war-torn Africa. This is probably the most bleak song on the EP. The narrator tells us:

There in the front,I see them right now
We could be next
I hear there’s hostages still in huts
Just south of this
They pulled out that man, a gun to his head
for what he said
I hope my children will be alright
if I’m found dead
And that’s what love is for

It’s the most political song on the EP, but the narrative is strong enough to keep it from sounding didactic.

Even though the title track was apparently taken off a previous album, Everybody Breaks really feels like a complete album in just four songs. It’s not too short, but it does make me want to go out and listen to this guy’s other stuff.

Everybody Breaks is available from Narnack Records.



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