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Review: Sulaco – Build and Burn by Jayson

The thing about Build and Burn was, for me, the fact that I basically had some kind of musical deja vu listening to it. Sulaco are walking a lot of fine lines. Their music is math rocky but not spastic, weird but not corny. It’s got enough noise that my Am Repdar is going off, but there is metal happening. I heard the deedly even. Definite heaviness. I had a basic realization here, like River Pheonix crashing through the ceiling in Sneakers, Sulaco are saying “it’s not easy what we just did!” I buy that. The balancing act between all their influences could have pretty easily resulted in a bad album, which this is not. It’s a good album. The thing for me is, having listened to it a bunch and formed opinions I still can’t tell you what kind of music it is. Good music will have to do.

Craw. That’s it. These dudes are the spiritual successors to Craw. Can’t ask for more than that, whatever that means.

Available as a limited edition LP from Handshake Inc.

– Jayson

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