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Review: Spheruleus – Voyage by Jayson
October 20, 2011, 9:19 am
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Voyage is a concept album about a ship that sets sail, gets lost, becomes involved in an accident and sinks, ultimately to gain a ‘second life’ as a reef or undersea habitat. That’s in the notes accompanying this album. It’s also noted that it’s not the Titanic. What’s interesting to me about voyage is how the music frames the narrative of the album. I’ve written before about the narrative quality of ambient music of this type. Spheruleus have put together a very well done album of layered analog ambient with light piano accompaniment. (There are quite a few other instruments, but the piano breaks through with deft clarity.) With a lot of albums of this nature, the narrative is left wholly to the imagination of the listener, instead of presented to them like with Voyage. So the part that interests me is how the music is “telling” the story here. I think with a narrative like a sinking ship the music could have been composed a lot of different ways. It could have been bombastic and dramatic. The album could be composed with a deeper “folly of man” message at the core. It’s not though, it just sounds like the a story, events that happened. It doesn’t judge. Voyage is quietly elegiac, gentle even. I have a lot of respect for that approach.

Voyage is available as a name your price download and limited edition CD from Hibernate Recordings.



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