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Thursday by Jayson

Man, we ate it again this week. Didn’t even meant to this time. HELP US. BECOME A MUSIC WRITEY MAANS OR WOMMANS. FOR US.

We would like to get another writer or writers willing to make regular contributions. If I had my druthers I would love to get some people I kinda know who write about one kinda music exclusively like… if you do that and secretly love something totally different and want to write about it, I’d love to you have you doing that here. Likewise you know, if you are like ‘man I want to write about music’ just send us something. I am not going to get my hopes up because the one time we had a contest we couldn’t even get the winners to give us their addresses for the prize, but hey. I will add there is no money, we don’t make any either though, so hey. Don’t send promo style copy though, not that anyone will send anything, that is the last thing anyone wants to read.

I talked with William Gibson on Twitter. That is basically more exciting than anything. I asked him what the fictional band The Curfew in his “Bigend trilogy” sounded like. He told me he wanted to the readers to project and put it to us on Twitter.  People responded with Slowdive, a cross between Gang of Four and Sleater-Kinnery, Juliette Lewis from the movie Strange Days, The Bauhaus, Pavement, and Sonic Youth. I always thought of them as sounding like Sleeper, but not the track I posted, more like how they sound on Cunt London. This is also funny because on my me-as-dude/professional account basically no “famous” graphic designers have ever responded to a tweet, proving that no one has ever told them being a famous graphic designer is like being the world’s tallest midget.

I think I want to replace the term girlfriend metal with in the car metal or metal for the car. That used to be what we said in the day. Like a band could be good but it wasn’t something you’d listen to in the car. To be proper music for the car it had to be basically what the official girlfriend metal page says:

Inoffensive, fairly melodic metal with enough pop structure that even your girlfriend who dislikes most metal will enjoy listening in the car.

See? That guy knows. I have to say again, I completely unironically love that stuff. That sentence basically describes the formula for good listening and good times. Who would I be measuring my metal extremity wiener against exactly? The kid at the Kreator show with dandruff on his glasses and a Belphagor “BDSM & Satanism” shirt? You win, bro. It is vitally important to have some good jams for when you’re driving around.

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