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Six Hours. by jason

This is probably old news to you all, but apparently, the Flaming Lips are releasing a six-hour-long song. Which is cool because it caters to FL’s primary market: hippies who have time to get stoned and listen to one song for six hours.

The Flaming Lips hanging out with freaky, colorful monsters. Or, as they call it, Wednesday.

Maybe I’m being cynical. I’ve talked in the past about my tenuous relationship with the Flaming Lips (That I feel like I should love them, but I just don’t). And I’m all for being experimental in music. I mean, it beats doing the same old thing over and over. No one would accuse Coyne and Co. of doing that; they usually have something new to say with each album. But, as this article points out, it would take 5 CDs to hold the song, This is different from Zaireeka, in that Zaireeka was an experiment in the way CDs played music at a consistent speed, as well as one in the way speakers at various distances could produce different effects. “Found a Star on the Ground” is just a long-ass song. And, judging by the first 16 minutes, which was all I skimmed through, it’s…noise.

Twenty-year-old me would have been all over this. That guy listened to stuff strictly because it was challenging. He also read Burroughs cut-up novels and thought he understood them. Thirty-four-year-old jason has more of an aversion to gimmicks, and that’s what this seems like.

OK, so they money they make is going to charity. That’s cool. I am down with that. But I’ve also come to the point in my life where I realize that drugs + musical instruments doesn’t always = awesome.

To quote Roger Murtaugh, “I’m too old for this shit.”


You can listen for yourself HERE.


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