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Review: Mastodon – The Hunter by Jayson

Remember when Mastodon were just another heavy band that used that one Jesco White sample that a million bands have used to open that one song? Not that I want to say I they were better then or anything, I just want you to remember that. That was like a million years ago, now Mastodon are not really that band. They have apparently decided to go from making music for filthy metalheads to music for filthy stoners, in light of my analysis:

I guess that explains why it’s boring, but it’s too boring even for me

– Noel Oxford, @dog_of_flame; internationally recognized expert on the “stone rock”

For my listening pleasure, they pretty much peaked with Blood Mountain, but I still bought the one they did after that too. Crack the Skye, that one had really good cover art like Levithan and Blood Mt. did. After a while I kinda got to digging it although it is not in heavy rotation. I was on the fence about The Hunter, but I am also always on the lookout for new girlfriend metal/jams for the car, so after wavering for a few days I bought it.

It is pretty much exactly that record too. Right when I put it on I had the urge to go throw some burgers on the grill and chill on the back porch while cranking these tunes. They are eminently successful at crafting tunes that are excellent as inoffensive background music, while being momentarily engaging. Still the center of the album lags; as after having a burger, chips and perhaps a brew the blood rushes to your gastrointestinal region and you get sleepy. The Hunter is Mastodon making a pretty successful transition from metal to hard rock. This record can be played around normal people without them thinking you’re too big of a weirdo, and that is a considerable utility. Also, the tradition of sweet album art continues.

It is probably the best Foo Fighters album released to date.

My review is based around the Explicit cut Deluxe Version, I recognize a value-added proposition when I see one.

– Jayson


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