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This Halloween, forget the Misfits LISTEN TO BALZAC! by Jayson
October 5, 2011, 10:08 am
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I  don’t really like Halloween. It is basically a fine holiday for children and maybe people up to their early 20s? I think it’s largely because I don’t enjoy dressing up in costumes at all that I tend not to care. My interest in Halloween peaked at my graduation from school, since I was no longer guaranteed a party with at least a dozen women dressed like slutty fairies.

I was Reign in Blonde’s Mr. October last year and posted a Halloween playlist that was pretty much universally despised for not being a metal thing on a metal blog and because my general character and tone were generally found to suck by a variety of dudes. However FNG, I’d roll the same thing out again here, but I really just want to focus on Balzac.

I love these guys. There is a singular focus that only the Japanese seem to be capable of, combined with an inability to fully grasp whatever it is exactly the thing they’re copying’s role in its native culture. Or something. Whatever it is, it frequently equals total awesome. Where like the Misfits broke up and Danzig’s sense of humor completely died, the dudes who would go on to form Balzac took the basic Misfits thing and distilled it down to the imagery and songs written around yelling GO! and WHOA-OH! a lot; therefore ultimately becoming superior to the Misfits in every way but having a slightly worse mascot. In fact, if I was forced to care about Halloween and/or there was a worthwhile party I think their skeleton suit-bag over the head costume is pretty much the ultimate quick-cheap-still kinda cool Halloween costume. I’d make it happen if I had to.

They’ve take some detours; changed their look, did that one kinda industrial gapper-beat style record, but you know what, they’re still awesome!

They did do some stuff with the Jerry Only Misfits, but don’t hold that against them! I got some of their albums at Best Buy in the day, but I think Amazon is your best bet now. You can’t get much from their website.

– Jayson


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