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Review: All Tiny Creatures – Harbors by Jayson
September 29, 2011, 9:54 am
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You know, I am all about the right music for the right time, whatever time that is. For me that can be any number of things, there’s a whole spectrum. This morning it’s indie pop.

I meant to review this record when it was new, but things get shuffled around here. Also, sometimes it takes me a really long time to figure out what I am going to say about an album; both of which are the case here. So Harbors, good record. The thing for me is that this record is a very chill but fun album with a real summery thing going on as an undercurrent to the sound. Using adjectives, I would describe their sound has having shimmering guitars coupled with a very mellow beat. What is really interesting to me is the vocals. There are vocals and singing, but it’s sounds like way more like they’re done in a vocals-as-instrument style. Said vocals have this kind of post-no-wave-a-la-Tom Tom Club meets Brian Wilson while hanging out and listening to some Polynesian music and a Talking Heads greatest hits album. I think All Tiny Creatures must be incredibly clever, to see the overlap on those styles and make them work. Listening to this record makes me feel like a grown up, but in a good way. Like I am a chill bro that has his stuff together and I’m enjoying some good sounds.

You can get this record from Home Tapes. You can also check out the band’s website.

Glass Bubbles

Serious bonus points for the cool artwork by Aaron Draplin.

– Jayson


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