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For your listening pleasure: Suzuki Junzo – Pieces For Hidden Circles by Jayson
September 21, 2011, 11:22 am
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This is going to be a more awkward post than normal. I only have one Suzuki Junzo album, but it has become one of my favorites things to listen to. I am also not sure of his other stuff, because I see on his website that there are a lot of collabs and his second album has a band and vocals and stuff.

I have Pieces For Hidden Circles.

Worth noting, this is a brilliant photograph.

Which also has brilliant cover art. This is a solo guitar album. On the scale of obviousness it’s probably pretty obvious that this is not some kind of Zakk Wylde “guitar god” nonsense. I want to call this an ambient record, but I don’t even think that’s fair, because ambient makes it sound like one of those records I enjoy where you’re going on a fishing expedition to pick out the basic dynamic of what the music is doing over what the core repetition is. This isn’t that. There is clearly a guitar being played by a person here. It’s also one of those things that, as noted by the not Zakk Wylde comment is mellow. Except mellow has some kinda generally negative connotation, like it’s background music, not worth your time. You can relax to Pieces For Hidden Circles, but it’s not Pure Moods II. Beautiful is a good word to describe the music on this album. It’s definitely got that “traversing space and time and an entire range of human emotions” kinda thing going for it. Compared to a lot of the post rock or ambient stuff I like, the music here is completely fully realized. When I listen to this album, I think it really does this amazingly perfect job of encapsulating what I feel is the sound of the emotional makeup of a fully realized human being would be. It’s not any one thing, neither are any of us. That’s what makes it dead brilliant.

This is an album I think you should own. It was put out on CD in 2007 on Utech Records, which is probably my actual favorite record label these days.



– Jayson


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