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Review: Rwake – Rest by Jayson
September 20, 2011, 9:49 am
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Being honest here, I lost touch with Rwake’s music between If You Walk Before You Crawl, You Crawl Before You Die and Rest. So, not that they were bad at all, but they’ve come a really long way since then. Their sound has gone from what I thought of as sort of extremely angry sludge metal with black metal style vocals to more of a sludge-doom hybrid, with a little bit of progressive color. The biggest change are the vocals, that black metal style is gone, replaced with an almost hardc0re sounding shouted style. Going back and comparing it to the last album of theirs I listened to, I’m definitely hearing a band that’s evolved their sound. The changes don’t mute the overall hostility and bleakness that I’ve always associated with Rwake’s music. It’s more like, the longer they play, the more they fully realize their approach. Now any band that’s gone on to incorporate what we’re calling progressive elements has been subject to any amount of criticism. On Rest doesn’t feel at all forced, which is real test. Rest feels like it has a slightly more positive vibe here than on If You Walk… actually the whole album feels kinda like it’s building to something, and the quiet parts and use of acoustic parts contribute on the whole. I’m glad I caught up with what these guys are doing.

An Invisible Thread

– Jayson


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definitely check out voices of omens

Comment by Daniel Cairns (@creedfangirl)

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