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Monday. by Jayson
September 19, 2011, 12:30 pm
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So last Friday I said I was going to steal the Monday post from Jason as “revenge.” There are no mash-ups though. I still like them but I am not scouring Youtube for them. Rather, this is my old style Friday post, on Monday.

I hate writers. This is a realization that becomes clearer and clearer to me the more I read, well read periodicals. There is that old chestnut, publish or perish and while I actually understand that, I do, it’s just the results are increasingly disgusting. I blame the times. Everyone has their hair on fire now and is running around in a circle, for most people in the first world, the future has never seemed less certain and writers are writing things that are getting people to read them by writing stuff about how everything is changed, no one will ever go back to work and we’re all doomed; most of which is just a contrived scenario written for the express purpose of getting people to read. No real insight. That or it’s word-style geniuses like Cory Doctorow writing breathless bullshit in Wired about futures with consequences he refuses to imagine, even though it takes about 8 seconds to do so. So yeah, it’s most like I ain’t renewing Businessweek & Wired.

This whole deal doesn’t really have much to do with music, except the Times published this thing about how Spotify may mean the end of music ownership. It totally might. I mean I am 30 whatever years old and have CDs and the superteen of the future might well just stream the hell out of everything. It just seems really stupid to me. Like… the big thing is you have no control. Since you don’t actually own anything, the terms your subject to and the related costs could change at any second. Like Sony just made people sign a new EULA saying they can’t sue if they want to use Sony’s PSN service. So now they can just be destroyed by Anonymous like 5000 times and there is no recourse. Problem solved. It still seems dumb-ish though. You have to buy Spotify if you want it to not suck. Then you must have mobile phone data, which is hell of expensive in the US then like… you still ain’t have The Chronic.

You should already have The Chronic.

But this may be the first sign of total onset oldness. Right here, right now. I have no idea. I still want a thing to be my thing, whether it’s files or some plastic with files on it or something. Also, only two Scissorfight albums.

So I like metal again. It just happened. Actually this is consistent with my whole what have you on it. I don’t want to hear metal news. I do not want to read the dissection of 20-year-old metal albums. I really do not want to hear about the actual musicians themselves. Ok well maybe I do some. JD Hoare’s Extreme Responses is still really good. I just don’t give a care for what like, “rockers” are doing. Maybe if there are more sexy pics of Chthonic chick… But yeah, anyway. I do want to know if good metal albums are out. I want to listen to them and tell you folks accordingly. That’s happened a lot here in recent weeks, there is still more to come.

I am also glad I don’t write about contemporary stuff re: scenes and trends. We did that a bit for year one and when I look back on it, it’s really embarrassing. It’s amazing how that stuff is just like… you remember when the Hollywood Undead fanclub posted like 700 things on Reign in Blonde? Remember when people were upset because that one band had the hot blonde singer and metal is ugly? Yeah? Me either. I am mostly really glad Jason never talks about Lady Gaga these days, though.

In retrospect, NOFX’s serious songs are funnier than their funny ones.

I thought I had more when I started writing this, but I guess not.

Oh, chap-hop, Jason thought I was gonna write something on that. Well not really. I like that rap really, but I kinda hate myself for doing so. Nerds, I honestly liked you better when jocks were beating you up and were confined to the basements of our collective society. You’re out and proud now, but that doesn’t mean I want you cluttering my hallways, talking about how many zombies three vampires could kill. Cute 19-year-old girls may play World of Warcraft now, but you are still society’s starred at men. Chap hop is not something I am interested in, but I note as being a thing that could only exist because of the internet. Cultural appropriation is inevitable, but like… the hell nerds. What bothers me is that it’s like… ok, cultural appropriation is inevitable, but I think what I resent about nerd culture is it’s toothlessness. Not that I don’t appreciate good clean fun, but c’mon.

– Jayson


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