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Friday. by jason

Back in the day, Jayson used to write up his observations on the week that was on Friday as a weekly column. It was some good stuff, but due to changing schedules, I ended up taking over the Friday posting. I was going to write about hip-hop/rock mash-ups, but I think I need to walk away from that for a few weeks and see if I can get anyone else’s input on that. So I’m going to finish stealing Fridays away from Jayson and do his old thing.

This week, Jayson introduced me to chap-hop. This might lead to a coda to my Nerd-Brand(R) essay, of Jayson might end up doing a thing. I have some things to say about the scene, but regardless of what those things are, this song is pretty rad:

I reviewed Tyler the Creator’s Goblin this week, which leads to some questions about message vs. the sound of a thing. Jayson grapples with this with some of the Nihilist metal, which has a message he doesn’t care about, but a sound he likes. Tyler’s like that. He sings about violence against women, but damn that album’s rad. The feminist in me hates me for listening to it a fourth time this week. Is it wrong to like it? I dunno.

I just realized that I missed the Shivering Timbers/O’Death show in Akron tonight. Damn.

Scarlett Johansson’s phone got hacked this week, and nude pics hit the net. It’s disgusting how people jumped on this, distributing the poor girl’s private photos for all to see or rushing to see these photos. They were niiiiice pics, though. Badang!

Julia Nunes has an album coming out. I’m flat broke, so if anyone wants to buy that piece and send it to me (or, if Ms. Nunes is out there, wants me to review it), our contact info is on a link to the left. Here’s the advert for it:

I haven’t done an “Any Asshole” in a while, but here’s Lauren O’Connell covering the Zombies on Nataly Dawn’s (of Pomplamoose) piano. Go buy all of Lauren’s music on her YouTube page.

And that’s the week that was. Don’t forget to check out Lauren O’Connell and Julia Nunes. Oh, and those Scarlett Johansson pics are slowly being taken off the interwebs, so if you are a disgusting pervert, hurry up and look them before they’re gone.



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