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Review: Butterfly Trajectory – EP 2011 by Jayson
September 14, 2011, 1:23 pm
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Butterfly Trajectory’s music represents exactly why I continue to write here. There are musicians all over the world doing brilliant work and they send it to me. I love it.

Butterfly Trajectory represent a more metal approach to post-rock. It’s actually quite a bit more metal, given the vocals. Pitor from Butterfly Trajectory is delivering straight up death metal vocals, very much in the tradition of Pitor from Vader. Being a huge Vader fan, the similarity in stylistic approach immediately won me over. The band’s approach to the post-rock progressive sound varies from going at it in a straight up metal approach to backing off for very quiet moments of beauty. It’s more of a calm before the storm thing; a very successful melding of elements from both genres that you don’t hear pulled off with this much skill very often.

I’m really looking forward to whatever these guys do next.


EP 2011 is a free download on Butterfly Trajectory’s Facebook page. Check it out and give them a Like.

– Jayson


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darkly majestic, executed with precision and power

Comment by K-Shan Artist

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