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Review: We’ll Go Machete – Strong Drunk Hands by Jayson
September 13, 2011, 4:17 pm
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After two years of doing these you’d think I’d have some kind of handle on how to just sit down and write one. Not really.

We’ll Go Machete sound like love child of Quicksand and The Jesus Lizard. I mean that in the best possible way. I hate to describe a band in terms of what other musicians have done, I am told it is lazy journalism. But you know, life is what it is, and that’s exactly what the deal is here. The raw, muscular sound you associated with the Lizard – that whole heavy, rubbery bass kinda thing and the Quicksand-like spiraling guitars and edge of desperation vocals are the basis of Strong Drunk Hands. Let’s make no bones about this, We’ll Go Machete rule completely. This is strong music in the post-punk tradition, and it really feels as fresh and vibrant as it ever did. I would actually go so far as to classify these guys in that whole noise-rock resurgence that’s been ongoing this year. This is one of those where the less I say = the more I like it. It’s just a fantastic record, like gonna be in my top 10 for this year good. Listened to it 20 times already good.

DM Barringer

Quick screwing around and buy it already.

– Jayson


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