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Review: Elba-S/T by jason
September 8, 2011, 9:00 am
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Elba-S/T. Self-released, 2011.

A lot of the music I listen to can be described as mopey. I like the Smiths, and I love me some old-school Radiohead. What’s really cool, though, is when a band can sing about mopey things and not sound like a bunch of sissies. This brings us to Elba.

According to the press release, Elba “uses war imagery and heartbreak as lyrical themes,” and I can totally see that. The thing is, even when the lead vocalist sings things like “I just can’t keep it together like I used to,” as he does in “False Spring,” the band has an energy, a drive, that keeps it from turning into a whinefest. In fact, it’s pretty fantastic.

If we’re playing the “it sounds like” game, Elba sounds a little like Interpol, but with a more layered sound, like Coldplay during their second album. The lead singer, though, sounds a little like Alex Turner of the Arctic Monkeys. So imagine what that Supergroup would sound like, then get over yourself about how “Coldplay are so mainstream”, you damn hipster, and that’s what Elba sounds like.

Elba’s self-titled album is available for download on the band’s Bandcamp page, and will be relesed September 22nd in its physical incarnation.



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