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Review: Dirge – Elysian Magnetic Fields by Jayson
August 31, 2011, 10:40 am
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As time goes by I’m becoming more aware of French music and am continually impressed by what I’m hearing. Dirge have been playing since ’94 and are described in their bio as “the godfather of the European Neurotic Hardcore scene.” So I feel it’s kind of a shame that I am only hearing about them now.

Elysian Magnetic Fields exists in that continuum of heavy, progressively influenced bands that American audiences will associate with Isis and Neurosis. As an official style now, different bands have attempted this with varying degrees of success with Dirge being among the best I’ve heard.

I feel bad because I am kinda punting on this review. Dirge sound a ton like Isis. I don’t feel this a bad thing, in fact I love it. I don’t have whatever it is that you need to write “Elysian Magnetic Fields takes you on a dark voyage of hung heads and gray skies. A grande tour of bleakly dreamlike vistas and small glimmers of golden radiance.” It is really more of a thing for me where it’s like “There is a thing you like, here is some more of it” and am all like “Oh, excellent.” It’s like eating a hamburger or seeing a naked lady; Dirge is a burger from Kuma’s and/or has the rudest titties. It’s a road I’ve gone down plenty of times in the past, but in no way has diminished the pleasure I derive from it.

Morphée Rouge

Available on Division Records. Very, very highly recommended.

– Jayson


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