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Review: The Go Round- Eastern Parkway EP by jason
August 25, 2011, 12:22 pm
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The Go Round-Eastern Parkway. Aquatic Tart Records, 2011.

Lately, I seem to be listening to a lot of folk and alt-country stuff. In the last couple of weeks, I’ve listened to some Wilco (the newer stuff, but hey), Elvis Perkins, and the Mountain Goats (the early, lo-fi stuff). This week, I got a copy of the upcoming Eastern Parkway EP by The Go Round, and it’s going right on my digital shelf next to those guys.

So what’s it sound like? Well, the Go Round call themselves folk-pop, and I definitely see that. It is very folky, but when I think of folk, I think of something that sounds very regional. Like, some folk sounds very Appalachian, while other folk comes right out of the plains of Nebraska. The Go Round are more worldly. Sure, they have their fiddle, their bassy acoustic guitars, and their imperfect vocals, but it comes together in way that sounds more universal than a lot of straight folk. If I didn’t know they considered themselves “folk-pop,” I would have called it alt-country, and maybe those are the same thing.

I mentioned the imperfect vocals, and I don’t mean that it sounds bad at all. In fact, the vocals sound kind of like Elvis Perkins…a kind of rough tenor, not always exactly on-key, but appropriate for the music; this is a case where the who is much greater than the sum of its parts.

Eastern Parkway is just a 4-track EP, and that’s really my only problem with this. It had a very unified sound, but it felt like the beginning of something bigger. I wanted more at the end, not just from the band, but from the EP. It was over too soon, which, I guess, is the type of criticism you want: I didn’t want it to end.

In any event, Eastern Parkway is a great little EP. It comes out September 20th on Aquatic Tart Records.


Here’s a live version of the first track from the EP, “Open Hearted,” via YouTube:


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