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Review: Super Happy Story Time Land – Self Titled by Jayson
August 24, 2011, 11:41 am
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True fact, I don’t like death metal. So if I’m writing about a death metal band you basically know that they already won. You could just stop reading now and go buy the record because you clearly value my opinions and you’re thinking “oh, man, if Jayson likes this, it must be super good.”

If you’re like “no dogg, I come here to read your 200 or so words about why you like the stuff you like, so make with that” here it is. I think like early last year I fell down the stairs and fractured my sense of humor. During this period I got into a variety of tech-death-spazzy-jazzy death metal bands that wrote songs about like, Galactic Overlord Xenu. Actually that stuff is some ok, but these days I don’t really much care for it. What I like about Super Happy Story Time Land is that they are good at music and they’re hilarious. It’s like if the bros that usually form goofy thrash bands like Non-Stop or the Waste were just “fuck that, let’s play some death metal.” There are some keyboard parts in here, which is cool. There are also some riffs that in my mind directly punch some kind of ‘rad summer fun’ nerve. Makes me think of peeling out in the 91 Camaro I don’t own, drinking beer, and chicks that wear bikini tops as shirts in the summer; basically everything that is right and good about this world.

Also this is a dollar, one American dollar right now. These dudes sent this to me, but I bought it anyway. This is a good deal unless you hate fun.


– Jayson


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