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Review: Heinali and Matt Finney – Ain’t No Night by Jayson

Doomgaze. That’s what they’re calling it. I like it, because it fits pretty well. It’s also a cool word. Heinali and Matt Finney are transatlantic duo, one in Alabama the other in Ukraine. Heinali performs the music, Matt Finney does spoken word.

When listening to Ain’t No Night I keep coming back to the feeling that it’s one of the most bleakly beautiful or beautifully bleak things I’ve ever heard. Heinali’s music is really more than just a combination of shoegaze, drone and doom elements, there some really beautiful touches; little bits of jazz influence, beats that remind me of the early days of bleak electronic, blues guitar. It’s hard for me to describe what Matt Finney’s doing, except listening to his words and his voice feels like moving through some kind of slow-burning Cormac McCarthy hell. There’s a strength and confidence to his words, but also a weariness. He frequently sounds like a man betrayed, who’s grown wiser but no better off. Taken together these two create a sound that’s leaves me with the feeling of watching the fires burning on the horizon, knowing that this is it, but feeling warm and comfortable, uneasy but at peace with it.

Don’t listen to this while it’s light out.

Ain’t No Night

Available on Paradigms Recordings.

Be sure to check out their other material on their Bandcamp.

– Jayson


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