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Review: Black Moon Empire (Collapse Under The Empire/Mooncake split) by Jayson
August 4, 2011, 10:41 am
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Releases like this are what makes me feel I am a bad reviewer. This is because there just isn’t a lot to say. CUTE are excellent. I loved their previous release. Mooncake are a new band to me, but are one of Russia’s most popular post-rock bands, they’re also excellent. This is just as good. There’s an interesting dynamic between CUTE and Mooncake, with CUTE being a little more energetic and aggressive and Mooncake being a little more ambient and reserved. This just delivers though, pure, post-rock satisfaction. Both bands compliment each other really well and it’s no more apparent than on the first track, which is actually a collaborative composition. Sometimes as it happens I like an album so much I am actually at a loss for words, this is one of those times. Thank you, gentlemen.

Available on Oxide Tones, do not pass on this.

– Jayson


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Yeah, this is one of those deals I can simply put on and be happy. It’s just good post rock.

Comment by ymatto

I think CUTE are my favorite band in the genre now.

Comment by Jayson

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