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Review: Big Eyes- Hard Life by jason
July 29, 2011, 9:00 am
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Big Eyes- Hard Life. Don Giovanni Records, 2011.

OK, time to brag a little here: One of the great things about writing a music blog is that if you keep at it and write honest reviews, you eventually get to hear a lot of music that you normally wouldn’t hear. Case in point: Big Eyes. Their album showed up in our inbox, so I gave it a try. Now, I’m disappointed that I missed them 2 months ago when they were in Cleveland.

Big Eyes are a rock trio originally from Brooklyn, NY. Led by Kate Eldridge, they have this whole old-school-rock-meets-punk thing going on. They list the Ramones as one of their influences, and I can hear that, along with a very 1960’s style, 4-chord structure, with drums that come right out of surf-rock. Eldridge’s vocals are refreshing; the last few female-led rock bands I’ve reviewed have sexed up their vocals. Kate sounds like she’s just interested in rocking.

“Why Can’t I,” the single from the album, really captures what I mean by early 60s punk. If the Ramones had started in the wake of the Beatles arrival in the states, they might have sounded like this. “Since You Left” is great too, and “Now That You Aren’t Mine” is the archetypical break up rock song.

So yeah. If you want to hear great music that you wouldn’t have heard of otherwise, start a music blog. Or, you know, just read this one and take my advice. Either way, you win.

Hard Life drops on August 23rd on Don Giovanni Records. Check out their MySpace page HERE.

And because I’m still on vacation and can’t load mp3s on this computer, here’s a YouTube video of “Why Can’t I.”



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