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Review: Wugazi- 13 Chambers by jason
July 28, 2011, 10:00 am
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Wugazi-13 Chambers. Self-released, 2011.

In the last few weeks, a couple of mash-ups featuring members of the Wu-Tang Clan turned up on-line. Last week, I reviewed Max Tannone’s Ghostfunk project. Today, we’ll take a look at another one: Wugazi’s 13 Chambers.

Wugazi, Cecil Otter and Swiss Andy’s mash up project, takes Wu-Tang Clan and mashes them up with Fugazi. Now, when I listen to anything mashed with Wu-Tang, I immediately compare it to Tom Caruana’s Enter the Magical Mystery Chambers, and both Jayson and I have said that 13 Chambers is just as good as Caruana’s work. If I had to compare it to any mash-up album, I would say it has the same feel as Wait What’s The Notorious XX…that whole mellow pop-rock instrumental mixed with quality hip-hop.

Like most mash-ups of this quality, all of these songs sound “right”; that is to say, they sound like these are original tracks. They’ve replaced the original tracks in my mind, and some of them sound more right to me than Caruana’s tracks. It really is that good.

Take, for instance, “Last Chance for the Clientele Kid,” which takes Raekwon’s vocals from “Clientele Kidd” makes them spiral around Fugazi’s guitars from “Last Chance for a Slow Dance.” Each song is fine in its own right, but together, they are much, much greater than the sum of their parts. The same can be said for all these songs-no disrespect to the RZA or ODB.

Ultimately, 13 Chambers is everything a mash-up should be. It takes two works that are already great and improves upon them. I would recommend this to all Wu-Tang or Fugazi fans, but really, everyone should be listening to this. You can download it for free from Wugazi’s website.

Nowhere To Wait



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