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Any Asshole with a Kickstarter Account by jason
July 14, 2011, 9:43 am
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Every Thursday, I used to do a thing called “Any Asshole with a Guitar and a Camera.” You can google search it…I’m sure you’ll find some of the posts. The point of the column was that with web 2.0 and YouTube and all that, music had become more democratic, that you didn’t need a lable to get recognition. You could generate your own buzz, and if you are good, or talented, or at least interesting, you can find success.

Sometimes, the point of Any Asshole was so I could drool while watching Julia Nunes. Which is appropriate because today, the point of Any Asshole is to show how Julia Nunes proves my hypothesis.

No, not the hypothesis that Julia Nunes is teh hawtness. The other one.

This is from CNN:

She needed $15,000 to make her album. She asked for it on She got $77,848.

I’m no mathematician, but that’s *subtracts, draws hex marks, breaks pencil*, like 1,000,000% more money than she asked for*.

She has no label besides the one she created to sell her own stuff. She has become as popular as she is because of word of mouth and her own internet savvy.

She proves that any asshole with talent, determination, and an internet connection can find an audience.

Basically, she rocks.


*OK, more like just over 500%, but that’s still a lot.


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Sure, if by “good, or talented, or at least interesting”, you mean “physically attractive”. Because all this proves is that there are a lot of hopeful sugar daddies out there.

Comment by Jane

There may be some element of that, but she has a huge following of people who aren’t perverts. I’d say even generously giving the pervs $10,000 of the credit for this, she still did a thing, and she did it well.

Hell, I’m a creepy old man, and I didn’t contribute anything.

Comment by jason

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