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Review: Hot Panda- How Come I’m Dead? by jason
June 24, 2011, 9:00 am
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Hot Panda- How Come I’m Dead?. Mint Records, 2010.

How do I even describe Hot Panda’s How Come I’m Dead? I could say that’s it’s noisy indie-rock, and I wouldn’t be half-wrong. Certainly, “Mindlessnesslessness,” “Fuck Shit Up/Hell Hey Hex,” and “Evil Nature” are just that. And if all of the songs sounded like these three, this review would write itself with comparisons to the Pixies. But then, “Pools” sounds more like Modest Mouse than anything else, while “Start Making Sense” and “Clever Fox” have a kind of Stokes vibe.

To make matters more complicated, “Shoot Your Horse” is a western-inspired track that reminds me of Isobel Campbell and Mark Lanegan if Campbell let the ghost of Nico sing her parts.

The thing is, even though Hot Panda seem to wear very disparate influences all over their sleeves, they somehow manage to make How Come I’m Dead? a coherent album, and a great one at that. There’s an indescribable internal logic here, so even when they jump from “Shoot Your Horse” to “Fuck Shit Up”, it seems like the right direction to go. Overall, I guess Hot Panda just sounds like Hot Panda.

Here, for comparison’s sake, is the track “Mindlessnesslessness” and the video for “Shoot Your Horse.”


Hot Panda’s Website


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