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Review: Servile Sect – Trvth by Jayson
June 22, 2011, 10:38 am
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Ooooh, brutal ambient + black metal. Ok, I’m down.

Trvth’s two tracks take the notion of the musical journey pretty seriously. Side 1 is almost entirely a brutal ambient soundscape. Subtle menace worth of Demonologists and Theologian abounds, couple with what sounds like a bit of field recordings really does convey you toward the sense of being in some real hellscape. Except the journey we’re taking isn’t to the edge of the galaxy to watch the stars die, we’re going to the black metal show! Side 2 segues into what the band describes as more of the ‘real songs’ and suddenly we’re treated to some really solid black metal of the transcendental variety, a la Krallice. Then we step back out in the swirling hellscape again. When we head back into the show we have some almost traditional heavy metal riffing going on. Now we come to the part of the show where the band jams out. Maybe we are watching the stars die, or be born again, because we’re entering a really long psychedelic interlude and then a gentle transition back to brutal ambient malice. Show’s over.

Beautiful record. This is one of those that I say “not really for everyone” and it’s not, but everyone would be better off for listening to this.

Out on Handmade Birds. Get it. 

– Jayson


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