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Review: Damn Robot! – Hunang Skrímsli by Jayson
June 1, 2011, 9:48 am
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I still haven’t fully come to grips with Hunang Skrímsli but a lot of time has passed since it was submitted and I don’t want those guys to think we passed on it. I like this album, it is one of the most oddly singular things I can remember having listened to.

It’s inconsistent, but not in a bad way. It’s not like it sounds as though they can’t make up their minds, or that it’s compilation. Rather, it sounds as though having decided on a basic framework of what their sound would be, they go and push out against that framework on each track by changing the prominence of the sounds on the tracks, respectively. At the core you have some electronic music. You’ve also got classical bits, samples, beats, ambient bits, acoustic guitar. You’ll hear at least 2 of those on each piece here, but what’s important to that particular song may change. Sometimes you have some real old school 90s sounding electronica, only to be followed by prominent guitar on the next track. Despite being a more quiet, mellow record, it’s very dynamic and engaging.

I recommend getting this and giving it the repeated listens it deserves. You’ll get a lot more out of it that way.

Errors Of The Pacifist

Available from Hawkmoon Records.  It’s ₤1 GBP. That’s a steal.

– Jayson


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