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Review: Strong Killings-S/T by jason
May 27, 2011, 11:56 am
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Strong Killings-S/T. Don’t Stop Believin’ Records, 2011.

If you read this blog regularly, you know that Jayson’s the rock guy and I’m the indie pop guy. I don’t usually review rock albums, though I’ll throw on some Black Sabbath from time to time. So it’s kind of weird for me to be reviewing Strong Killings debut, self-titled album. These guys are rock-for-rock’s sake. They sing about getting drunk, breaking stuff, and having fun without worrying how that fun might look to others.

It’s a kind of revelry in the absence of pretense. In “Minimum Wage,” they sing:

Yeah, we’re doin’ it, doin’ it, doin’ it our own way!
For the love, not the money, shit yeah, we didn’t get paid.
And if anybody has anything to say,
Tell them we did it, did it on minimum wage!

That’s kind of the theme of the whole album. This band is just three guys in Seattle making noise on a shoestring budget. It’s fun, it’s loud without being mean-spirited, yet it’s critical of those who are just trying to make the scene. In “Too Cool,” they sing to a hypothetical scenester:

You’re friends with the DJ? Wow, that’s so cool.
I bet you’re really something: Really fucking rude.
Well, you’re too cool? Then fuck you!

I know that seems to contradict what I just said about their lack of mean-spiritedness, but I’ll admit that I’ve wanted to say much worse to a few of the PBR swillers at the Grog Shop.

Probably my favorite track on this thing, mainly because it’s so stupid that it becomes genius, is “Stegosaurus,” which is a mainly instrumental piece with one word, “Stegosaurus,” operatically sung at the end. Brilliant.

You know, I love a good rock-concept album, but every rock record doesn’t have to be a treatise on the Kaballah or a story of a man becoming a giant space baby. Sometimes, rock should just be about yelling, drinking, and breaking stuff. That’s what this is.
Strong Killings-S/T drops July 19th on Don’t Stop Believin’ Records. You can listen to a few tracks at the Band’s Soundcloud page, and you can check out more of the band on their website.

The album will presumably be on sale at the Don’t Stop Believin’ store on July 19th.



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