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Any Asshole with a Guitar and a Camera by jason

You may have noticed that we’ve cut back on the weekly “Any Asshole” feature. This is because it takes time to sift though all these people on the internet to find the ones we want to post. You could make our lives easier here at the To Eleven Institute of Sound and send self-shot videos of yourself or even, hey, your band to toelevenblog (at) gmail (Dot) com with the subject line “Hey Asshole,” and we’ll get them up in a special edition of Any Asshole.

Moving along, I thought we’d check in with some of our favorite Assholes…the ones who have turned YouTube into a career.

First up is Julia Nunes covering both The Supremes and Justin Bieber. Normally, those would be fighting words, but this is Julia.atch at the end, where she delves into her creative process, which involves the bathroom in one way or another.

Next, here’s an older one by Lauren O’Connell. She’s so good, we once did an Any Asshole just about her.She’s amazing. How she’s not signed to a major label, I’m not entirely sure.

And here’s Pomplamoose covering the theme to the Angry Birds game. I haven’t played the game…in fact, I think I’m going to pass on it. I don’t want to get sucked into another thing right now. Anyway, this vid’s pretty funny.

And finally, here’s Pomplamoose’s Jack Conte with…an alien, covering Katy…Perry’s E.T. Oh, come on, Jack!
Seriously, though, this is good.

And that’s it for this week’s Assholes. Send me your videos, and we’ll put you Assholes on the blog!



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