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Review: Mala In Se – s/t by Jayson
May 11, 2011, 9:33 am
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Mala In Se

I haven’t heard the term art rock used for a while. I think you could call Mala In Se art rock without ruining anyone’s life though. This is a complex album, doing a lot of different things. It has its abstract, minimal moments. It has moments of panic-inducing screaming noise where the band sound like they’re channeling the same thing Drive Like Jehu & The Icarus Line did. I go back to the art rock thing, because the band sounds like they’re as equally interested in pushing out in all these directions. For as chaotic as the sound is, you can tell there is a lot of organizing thought behind what they’re doing; being able to combing a lot of dissimilar sounds into an extremely tight whole.

I grappled with this one listening to it, I’m had a hard time writing about it, but ultimately I think it’s brilliant. It’s art. It’s also free on Bandcamp, I am going to recommend you check it out.

Disease Auction

Bandcamp or Phratry Records

– Jayson


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