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Review: Soul Khan- Acknowledgement by jason
May 5, 2011, 9:19 am
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Soul Khan-Acknowledgement. Self-released, 2011.

As much as we talk about Soul Khan, To Eleven is starting to look like his fan club. When friends and coworkers tell me that they don’t like hip-hop, I tell them to go download Soul’s Soul Like Khan, and this week, I’ve been talking up the remix/mashup of that album by Frail Limb Purity.

Right on the heels of that mash-up album, Soul has released an EP called Acknowledgement. The EP features five new songs produced by DJ Element as well as the video edit of “Soul Like Khan.”

So is it any good?

It’s Soul Khan. It’s great. This dude doesn’t half-ass anything. Seriously, this is pretty much all I’ve been playing in my car this week. It’s one of those things, too, where every time you listen to it, you hear something else.

A great thing about Soul Khan is that he strikes a balance between being having street cred and being a nerdy white dude. I’ve railed against nerd-branded music in the past, and Soul definitely isn’t nerd-brand. However, he does make little references to nerd interests, like in “Alec Baldwin” when he says, “It’s time’s money/I’m lucky/I’ve got an ocarina,” or later in the same song, when he says, “I kick the science of it/like my man Honeydew.” The fact that he can write lines like that and still seem legit says a lot about his mic skills.

Soul kills it on every song, but I especially love “Alec Baldwin” and Soul’s duet with Marv Won, “Black Hammer, White Lightning.”

You can buy Acknowledgement for $4 on Soul Khan’s site. So go do that thing.


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