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Labels We Love: Bark and Hiss Records by jason

If you were to look though my music folder on my PC, you would probably notice that 1) I have awesome taste in music, and 2) that I have over 8 hours of music from the label Bark and Hiss records. And really, points 1 and 2 have a lot to do with each other.

I talk about the bands of Bark and Hiss all the time: Trouble Books, Talons’, Sommer and the Easter People, etc. They’re some of my favorite bands, and I try to catch their shows whenever I can.

Bark and Hiss Records is a label out of Akron, but it’s almost a label like the Elephant 6 Recording Company is a label. It’s more like a bunch a friends who are in each other’s bands, and who happen to have their own recording studio. Sometimes, they release their stuff under the Bark and Hiss name, and some times, small labels like Own Records or Positive Beat Recordings.

When I say it’s a bunch of friends who are in each other’s bands, I mean it. If you look at the any random release on Bark and Hiss, you’ll see some configuration of the names Keith Freund, Linda Lejsovka, Michael and Sommer Tolan, Jen Court, and Gabe Schray. These guys jump from band to band, each often taking the helm. This isn’t to say that the bands sound the same, however. Talons’ is acoustic folk-pop, while Trouble Books is dreamy indie-pop. Gabe Schray and Moustache Mountain are Ambient, while Comfort Clouds are twee pop.

This band is local to me, being a big part of the Akron music scene. However, the great thing about the internet is that everything is local now. Bark and Hiss realize this, so they have samples of their music (and sometimes free downloads of entire albums) on their website. You can also buy their albums at their store , and I can recommend anything by Talons’ or Trouble Books, though it’s all good.

So check out their website, listen to some music risk-free, and then buy it!


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