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Review: Batillus – Furnace by Jayson
April 27, 2011, 10:16 am
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Ok, yeah. The things you need to know here are that I was (still am, really) a huge supporter of Batillus and their past releases. Their Beard Destroyer Tour EP (EP 2) was in my Top 10 for 2009. You also need to know I do not like it when bands change the sound. I just never react well to it; always with this visceral “that’s not why I like you!” To be really really honest, I winced when I found out Batillus was adding a vocalist. I felt worse when other writers started describing the new style as black metal. I avoided listening to any previews, and while I was excited to get the album, I was really expecting not to like it.

It’s a great album.

Whatever issues I might have been having were really, really pointless because there was nothing to worry about, Batillus did it again. Fade Krainer’s vocals really are perfect addition to their sound. I sort of can’t emphasize that enough. The vocals didn’t change Batillus’ sound at all, they added it to it, improved it; even more than simple addition. The band sounds exponentially more powerful on Furnace. The band still sounds amazing. One of the things I enjoy most about Batillus is that despite how powerful their sound is, they still deliver quieter, more subtle moments with an extremely deft touch.

The Division

Get this.

Available from Seventh Rule. 

– Jayson


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