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Any Asshole with a Guitar and a Camera by jason

OK, first of all, I’m starting this up again, despite getting zero interest in it. I’m all determined like that:


Do you play an instrument? Sing? Do anything musical? Or maybe you know a friend who does. Well, film yourself, put it on YouTube, enable embedding, and e-mail us the link! When we get enough (like, I’m thinking 4), we’ll do a To Eleven Fan Any Asshole! Hell, I (that is, jason)will post one of myself in this post, too, so you don’t have to worry about embarrassing yourself!

Our e-mail is Put TO ELEVEN ASSHOLE in the subject line, and get recording!

Since I haven’t gotten any word from anyone yet on this, if you send something, it’s pretty much guaranteed to go up. I also want to add that if any of our readers are professional musicians who want to get the word out about your talents, this might be a way to do so!

Now that that’s out of the way, here are some Assholes who didn’t ask to be here, but they still brought it.

First off, here’s John, AKA IceDragon, covering David Gray’s “Babylon.” This guy sounds almost exactly like Gray, which means he sounds frickin’ great. Actually, he reminds me that I need to listen to more David Gray. Hurm.

Next, here’s Normal Halief doing an instrumental cover of MGMT’s “Kids,” which makes this the Obligatory MGMT Cover(TM) of the week. Because everyone covers this song, you know? I’m not sure what the build up is, but I like that he walks us through each layer of the song.

And here’s KennytheKerr, AKA Kenny Kerr, covering Broken Bells’ “The High Road.” I love this song, and it’s harder to sing then one would think. This cover would be perfect if it had the “Too Late to Change Your Mind” part at the end.

And finally, here’s Samantha Gill, AKA behindtherocks, covering the National’s “Terrible Love.” On the album, this song is full of echoes and other production, so it’s nice to here a stripped down, acoustic version of it. Especially one that’s this good.

And that’s it for this week’s assholes. Send in your videos, and next week’s assholes could be you. And some other people.



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