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Record Store Day 2011 by Jayson
April 17, 2011, 11:41 am
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Unlike last year, I went.

I didn’t have plans to, nor was there anything on the big ol’ record store day release list that I wanted. What I thought is that I should just go get out of the house, and go, so I could come back and write something. When I got up it was raining sideways; I immediately decided I wasn’t driving to Cleveland to stand in that in order to buy a Discordance Axis reissue. Jason got a hold of me and said he and his special lady were heading down to Akron and going to hit Square Records. I said I would tag along, more out of the sake of being out of the house than having a “productive” record store day.

Square is a cool place. It’s Jason’s favorite record store. For me it’s one of those deals that I appreciate and want to support, but in terms of music I want and music they have available, there isn’t a whole lot of overlap. Still, I like the atmosphere in the store, I like how the back is a gallery or performance space sometimes; it’s a cool place.

I think that is for the essence of the whole record store experience. It’s one of the things I don’t like about the day, the emphasis on reissues. Just heading out to buy a bunch of “collector’s edition reissues” really doesn’t speak to me in terms of “this is why record stores are cool, this is why you should unplug your iPod and go to one.” For me that value really lies in the tangible quality of being in a specific place, checking stuff out. On the web we tend to create our own little insular worlds. This isn’t even a bad thing, it’s great to dig deeper into a genre for example. What is cool about going to the record store, where the value lies, is seeing something that you’ve never heard of before when browsing. Of being able to talk to your friendly neighborhood store owner or fellow patron about it.

I have never liked reissues anyway.

I had fun at Square. I bought two things (new releases, reviews will be incoming at some point), found out about a record label that’s been operating in Kent for 11 years that I’ve never heard of, had a nice time with my friends and a nice talk with one of Square’s co-owners.

Good times.

– Jayson


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