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Review: Nether Regions – Into the Breach by Jayson
March 29, 2011, 9:57 am
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I don’t like to be a jerk, but it’s always on the table. A week ago I read that a guy that admittedly has a much more popular blog takes weeks, if not months to write an album review. I do pretty much the opposite. I listen to the album once or twice. Think about it a bit and lay into review. Sometimes I don’t even need to do that because I can tell in about 30 seconds whats a band is about and that really is that.

I only bring this up, because that is exactly what went down about 3 seconds into the first track on Into the Breach.

  • 3 seconds: “Alright, sounds good.”
  • 30 seconds: “YES.”
  • 52 seconds: Involuntarily throwing the horns.

Anyone checking this out is going to immediately make the High on Fire comparison, so let’s get that out of the way. Nether Regions are coming from the same basic place as High on Fire. If you’ve been reading us a while, you’ll know I am a huge High on Fire fan, but I haven’t been really into their last two albums. I feel that since they departed from their core stoner doom sound and tried to merge in other types of sounds, their output has been hit or miss. Nether Regions sound like they’ve been more successful in merging eastern and progressive elements into their stoner/doom sound. To my ears, its more because those elements have a subtle influence. They’re there, but they don’t try to overpower the core sound. For lack of a better way of putting it, Nether Regions aren’t screwing around.

Regardless, I think it does this kinda music a disservice to subject it to overwrought in-depth analysis. Into the Breach rocks completely. Do you like massive, fuzzy riffing? Do you like Lemmy-esque vocal delivery? Yeah me too. Love it, even. Get this.


Head on over to their bandcamp page, only $7, it’ll be money well spent.

– Jayson

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