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Any Asshole with a Guitar and an Elephant 6 Cover by jason

As you might remember from last week, I recently attended the Elephant 6 Holiday Surprise show in Cleveland. It was pretty awesome, and it has put me on an Elephant 6 kick. This week’s Any Asshole is all about the Elephant 6 Collective.

First off, here’s a cover of the Gerbils’ song “Glue.” At the show, I got to see Scott Spillane sing this, and it was one of my favorite songs that night. Here, Josh, AKA dstom13, does his cover while wearing an appropriate hat. You should always wear the appropriate hat for the situation. Dude has this locked down, and his cover is great, too.

Neutral Milk Hotel is the band I think of when I think of Elephant 6. The album In the Aeroplane Over the Sea is one of the most important things that ever happened to me, a fact that I told Scott Spillane when I saw them. Here, Rena from kennedyproductions covers the title track and really makes it her own. It’s less haunting, but just as beautiful.

Next is Vmusics, AKA Visual Auditory Proliferation, covering “Love Athena,” originally by Olivia Tremor Control. It’s a good song, and though this dude messes up the strumming a little, and though he worries about his hair a bit too much in the beginning, he rocks it. Oh, and dude…your hair’s fine.

And finally. here is Cat Rockefeller covering NMH’s “Two-Headed Boy, pt. 2.” Her version is happy, whereas the original almost made me cry when I first heard it. Still her version is pretty awesome.

As always, if you like any of these Assholes, PLEASE go to their YouTube pages, give them thumbs, and tell them you saw them here!


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