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Any Asshole With an Original Song by jason
March 3, 2011, 10:00 am
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These “Any Asshole” posts are usually made up of people covering the songs of others, but occasionally, I like to find original work. There are a lot of extremely talented, unsigned artists out there using YouTube to promote themselves, and I’d like to take this time to point out some of them.

This first one, I’ve highlighted before in her own post. Lauren O’Connell is an amazing songwriter. Amazing. Also, her voice is perfect, and I don’t think there’s an instrument she can’t play. Recently, she posted a duet she did with Ryan Lerman, and it does not disappoint. So here’s “I Belong to You.”

Speaking of Ryan Lerman, he has some original songs of his own. “Turning Blue” is a pretty good one that is a studio recording set to video of each track, like the O’Connell video above. This one’s really polished, though.

Holy shit! Jack Conte, the half of Pomplamoose that I don’t stare longingly at for hours on end, frickin’ rocks. Hard. Like, this is all sorts of rad. And, visually, “Gulf” is probably my favorite of these “VideoSongs” they do so well.

ANd finally, we’ve featured Nicole, AKA Nicolascage09, before, covering other people’s songs. However, she writes her own stuff as well, and it’s pretty rad, especially considering her YouTube profile says she’s only 15. If that’s true, I imagine we’ll be hearing more of her someday.

And that’s it for the first Any Asshole that’s been on time in a while! Come back next week for more punctual assholes!


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