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Review: Gladiators Eat Fire – s/t by Jayson
March 1, 2011, 10:05 am
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This is one of those. Sometimes you get an album someone would like you to review. You take a listen, it’s very concrete in terms of what it is. You like it and you can write something about how it’s a thing you like, because you like that kind of thing. Then there are things you get and you have to listen to repeatedly, because you don’t even know what you’re listening to, much less whether you like it or not. This is one of those.

I am actually pretty cool with that. You have days when you want comfort food, days when you want something you haven’t had before. Gladiators Eat Fire is a little bit of both of those. Their music is like a sculpture made out of existing stuff. It’s vaguely recognizable as a whole, there are certainly many small parts you can recognize individually, but the whole thing may confuse you. I like this for the most part. I had to go through about five listens of the album to get to the point where I felt comfortable addressing the music. The main deal here is the mix between the loud as hell bits and the gentle, almost jazzy psychedelia. The issue for me is that the band aren’t interested in really meeting any kind of epectationsI should have about how to do that. The music sounds disjointed; but clearly there is a method to their approach here. I wouldn’t have bothered with five listens if it didn’t pull me in. The one other thing that sticks out for me here; there is really a huge early 2000’s-modern hardcore influence here. Stuff that reminds me of At The Drive In, maybe a little Glassjaw; that kind of thing. So as much as I was confused by this, I liked it. It was challenging, but a worthwhile listening. Despite the fact that I review by means of comparison, this is unique stuff. I like it when people say psychedelic and experimental and actually deliver on that.

You can check out the self titled album and their previous offerings at their bandcamp. The self titled album is out today. I am recommending you get it.

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