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Any Asshole with a Guitar and a Camera by jason

Yeah, so my computer still has issues. It’s not connected to the internet, its speakers are going bad, and it has Oppositional Defiance Disorder. So I’m late. Again. Bah.

To cheer myself up over this, I’ll featuring Assholes covering songs I like. That’s the criteria. Play a song I like, do it well, and you’re in. So here we go.

YouTube user octmetalleong does an amazing cover of John Vanderslice’s “Fetal Horses.” If you aren’t listening to John Vanderslice, go do that. He’s pretty awesome, and a nice guy, too. Octmetalleong appreciates him, and he seems like a pretty cool guy, too.

Next, a friend of mine posted a video of Soft Cell performing “Say Hello, Wave Goodbye” on the Facepage. It was good, but I prefer David Gray’s cover. Here, YouTube user shadytubes does what is probably the best YouTube cover of this cover. It’s pretty close to the Gray version without being a strictly by-the-numbers cover. That’s what makes a good cover, folks.

I have a pretty one-track mind. I love the Mountain Goats. You know that. I talk about them all the damn time. Jayson hates it. Here’s a secret: It’s not why I do it, but that doesn’t encourage me to stop. Anyway, kolby386 does an excellent cover of the excellent “Song for Dennis Brown.” Listen to it, then go buy The Sunset Tree. You can thank me after John Darnielle has changed your life forever.

Finally, Slim Davy covers Pulp’s “Common People.” It’s pretty frickin’ rad. I just wish he had done the “album version” instead of the “single version.” Mainly because he does it well enough that I wish there was more of it. So, like, that’s a compliment. Hey Davy…make this happen.

You know the drill. Come back next week, on Thursday, and if I have my crap sorted, there will be a new Any Asshole!

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