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Gtronic Radio by ymatto
February 22, 2011, 1:37 pm
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Remember netradio? Shortly after ripping your CDs became a thing and dial-up internet was relegated to your grandparents checking their hotmail, netradio was in.  Stations proliferated and they streamed curated, niche playlists for free.  Then legal questions about royalties were posed, hackles were raised, many stations went to paid subscriptions, and people realized that most stations were kind of lame anyway.  Sure, it was better than your eighteen local Clear Channel top40 stations, but it still was one-way thing — not very web2.0.  Pandora,, Grooveshark, and one thousand other smart streaming services were invented, and the world moved on.  Why listen what somebody else thinks you should hear?

But today I tell the hip-hop lovers (and those open to new love) that you should be listening to what Gtronic Radio ( wants you to hear.

The thing that the one-way, old school, curated radio format had going for it was that if you got the right curator, it worked.  Growing up in LA, I remember all these late-night radio shows created and hosted by dudes with opinions about what good music meant.  New releases, old classics, and unknown B-sides, they played the good shit.  You were there for an education;  you liked what you heard and you wanted more.  Today technology has given us myriad ways to listen to our own music and to listen to whatever we want.  We’re basically at Star Trek: The Next Generation level of music access.  But it’s like cooking with every ingredient, utensil, and recipe at hand — great, but without some trusted cookbooks to expand your horizons, you’re going to end up just making the same chicken cacciatore over and over.

That’s what Gtronic is about for hip-hop.  If you’ve ever heard someone say “I listen to hip-hop, but it’s not what you hear on the radio — it’s the good stuff”, Gtronic is the best way to hear what they’re talking about.  If you’re already down, you will not believe the depth of the playlist; I’m one of those nerdy white dudes who collects and talks about hip-hop albums like classic jazz, and I’m constantly hearing stuff for the first time or having tracks I’d forgotten about brought back to mind.

This is the sound that makes the head nod, 24/7.  Listen, enjoy, and then donate because I don’t want this netradio station to vanish like the radio shows I grew up on.

– Matt


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